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Title Insurance | New Stanton, PA | Preferred Settlement Solutions, LLC | 724-635-3290

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Our current underwriters are Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company. Through them, we can cover the entire country.

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What is title insurance?

Title insurance protects your legal ownership of a particular piece of real estate. The laws concerning the ownership of real estate are different than those concerning other types of property for several reasons:

  1. Land does not have a limited lifespan.
  2. Each piece of real estate is unique. Land is subject to competing rights, and can therefore be accessed by several parties, which could prevent you from using the property as you would like, even possibly allowing the property to be sold at a sheriff's sale.
  3. Title insurance does not have a recurring premium as most types of insurance do. Once paid, the policy protects you for as long as you own the property.

Part of the process of obtaining a title insurance policy is completing a title search. A title search can discover judgments, mortgages, delinquent taxes, past due support payments and other liens that are considered a "cloud on the title."

Your title insurance agent will make certain that any clouds discovered are removed as part of your purchase of that property.

Why does my mortgage company require title insurance?

A mortgage loan is the preferred method of financing real estate, because it generally provides the lowest possible interest rate. If in the event of a default, the lender can attempt to recover its loss through a foreclosure.

Title insurance guarantees the lender that it will receive its payment from the foreclosure before other creditors. By guaranteeing this ability to recover losses, the lender's risk is reduced enabling the lender to pass along its savings to you in the form of a lower interest rate.

While title insurance may be an initial cost, it provides substantial loan interest savings over time for as long as you have the loan.

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